*UG Unconference is a several-hours-long non-conference. The topic is “organization of communities and user groups” and the unconference will be organized in a "classic" format (i.e. no slides, lectures, long presentations, no division between celebrities vs. mortals).
We will make use of the participation of organizers of Google Technology User Groups from all over the world. We will also invite people involved in various other user groups, meetup groups,informal developer networks and communities and other people who are participating in technological communities. Your area of interest or Klout score does not matter.

It is organized by GUG.CZ (member of the GTUG family) in cooperation with New Media department of Charles University, the School of Liberal Arts


Monday, Oct 17, 2pm-6pm

Praha, Studia nových médií, FF UK,  Praha 5 - Jinonice, U Kříže street (transportation by Metro line "B", Jinonice station)


  • If you want to participate please fill out the form below. The list of participants and their topics will be published (without email addresses) on this page.
  • Have a thought about what topics are you interested in. The final choice of the topics and moderators will be made at the beginning of the unconference.
  • If you have a question or comment please fill the textbox at the end of the form or let us know vie email at DAN at


GTUG Unconference prior to Google IO


Q: How will the unconference proceed? A: At the beginning everybody quickly introduces himself/herself. In case there are many people you will at least present a topic you are interested in or would like to speak about. This topic of yours (1 - 3 per person) you will place on a board with time slots for individual discussion rooms. The unconference then proceeds according to this schedule. At the end,one more final round will take place. In this round we will summarize the most interesting outputs from the individual topics. Q: Does it mean I can register a topic I will not be doing a presentation on, I am not expert at and would like just to discuss with others? A: Exactly. What’s more, there will be no dataprojector and no premade slides. Prepare your ideas and willingness to talk about them with others. The unconference blocs themselves are actually discussions among people who participate. Q: Are only participants of GDD allowed? Is it only for Google fanboys, User group organizers and people active in communities? A: No. No, no, no. If you are interested in topics of communities and user groups we can guarantee you will meet people with similar interests from any specific areas. Q: What topics can I expect? A: Any topics related to work in communities and user groups. The choice is very wide. Q: What if there are more people who “register” the same topic in one bloc? A: It will happen and in that case it will be up to you to split your roles. On the other hand, on unconferences people are not supposed to talk more than a few minutes so it is no big deal. Who registers a topic is more like a moderator than a dancer in front of a dataprojector. And to make it as open as possible the topics will probably be merged, i.e. more similar (but not identical) topics can meet in one bloc. Q: Wait a second. Are you saying that people will not be presenting their topic for 45 minutes while the others will be listening? A: Correct. One of the rules of an unconference is that instead of long presentations a discussion is expected. If you can’t avoid having a presentation, make sure it only introduces the issue to people or clarify the facts. Q: Czech or English? A: Both Czechs and non-Czechs are welcome. Which bloc will be in Czech/English will be decided operatively. Formal interpretation will not be provided. Any other questions you might have for us? Post a comment on this page!