Pre-GDD Hackathon in Prague 2010, HTML5 and Android

101 developers - 27 teams - 22 ideas

See all 22 apps presentations:

A-Team, Ace Rimmer Squad, Anddoit, Army Ants, 80ML Creative Group, Develion, Electric Sheep, HumAndroids, IrcPerversity?, Kouknu a vidím, Loaded in yogurt, Overflowers, Pre-alcoholicos, SegFault, THC geekTeam, TappyTaps, Urbandroid, Roboblak, Dymteam, Jardadadaaa, Kladivo, Ninja Transformers.

About 18 from them came to realization (some more, some less) and about 8 of them were ready to betatesting at the end of day.

Source codes and apps to install:

Pre-GDD GUG Hackathon 2010 in Prague Worksheet

Special thanks to Faculty of Economics and Management of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague for help with this event. Thanks Google for support. And thanks for prizes.


#gughackathon on Twitter

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