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6.5.2011, Brno: Přednášky Googlerů o sémantice webových stránek

přidáno: 24. 5. 2011 5:43, autor: Dan Zouhar   [ aktualizováno 16. 6. 2011 6:10 ]
GUG.CZ a PARTSIP vás zvou na exkluzivní dvoudílnou akci 6. května pro vývojáře i nevývojářské publikum, na které vystoupí Google Researcher Tom Steiner, Customer Solutions Engineer Arnaud Brousseau a Developer Advocate (Chrome, Chrome OS) Mike West.

PART 1: Adding structure where there is none

Primarily non-developer focus, approx 1.5hrs

We are currently at the crossroad where people have learnt to treat search engines like machines, and these very search engines becoming smarter and smarter, so that they can actually make sense of simple questions. For example, in order to find information on the music band "The Eagles" people have learnt that they need to put some additional hint (like "eagles band", "eagles lyrics") to their search queries in order to steer search engines into the right direction. At the same time search engines can oftentimes respond to questions like "when is the birthday of justin bieber?". In this talk we show how using structured mark-up, you as a site owner can help search engines make sense of your content. We present a short overview of how all this started, where we are now, and where we might end. A minimum understanding of (semantic) mark-up, unicorns, and current search trends is recommended, however, not required in order to follow the talk.

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PART 2: Using structured mark-up for search engines

Primarily for developers, approx. 1.5hrs

In the more in-depth technical part of the talk, we will focus on the various mark-up methods, namely Microformats, RDFa, and Microdata. We will tackle the problem of semantic mark-up with Semantic Web goggles on. Therefore, we will go into a brief excursus to RDF, the underlying data model of the Semantic Web, however, not losing our objective out of sight, which is add even more ponies to your content.

Presented by Googlers:
Thomas Steiner @tomayac
Mike West @mikewest
Arnaud Brousseau @arnaudbrousseau

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