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18.10.2012, Brno: Social Skills for Geeks III: Networking s Jeanne Trojan

přidáno: 29. 10. 2012 7:09, autor: Daniel Zouhar
V Brně jsme si ve čtvrtek 18. října užili třetí a zároveň i poslední přednášku z cyklu Social Skills for Geeks. Tentokát přijela  přednášet Jeanne Trojan s tématem "Networking for Geeks". Tuto akci si mnozí nechali ujít, protože přednášky Jeanne Trojan jsou prostě a jednoduše skvělé.

A zde je již něco z programu:
Jeanne will guide you through the process of meeting and talking with new people at events and she'll give you some solid strategies for dealing with this sometimes scary situation. You'll have the chance to practice your new skills during the workshop so that you'll soon be networking like a pro and taking advantage of everything that making new connections brings. Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn this valuable skill and have a lot of fun in the process!  

Jeanne Trojan is a presentation and pitch trainer. She's American but has called Prague home since 1995. She has helped stop boring presentations in many industries, but is now focusing on multinationals, web & marketing firms and startups. She also likes showing introverts how to start enjoying networking with her 'Networking for Geeks' workshop.

You can follow her on Twitter @jmtcz.